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Tradition & quality

Tenderhooks Bar & Grill is located at the Yorkeys Knob Boating Club overlooking Half Moon Bay Marina with views of Double Island and Cape Tribulation across the Coral Sea, really making this just an exceptional place to stay & dine, & enjoy the best food Far North Queensland has to offer.

Tenderhooks strives to deliver the best quality food, using only the freshest & finest ingredients, and matching that with only the most exceptional beef & seafood, all sourced from the local region.

Our Steakhouse offers 15 different varieties of premium steak including Wagyu, Brangus and Shorthorn-Cross, ideal for all steak lovers, but also offers seafood, poultry and vegetarian dishes on the menu, for patrons looking for something different.

Our Beef

Tradition & quality


Telpara Hills (Grass Fed)

Grass Fed

Telpara Hills strides to provide the best possible beef genetics to both seed stock and commercial buyers.  They breed a unique Brangus that will perform in three key areas:

  • Functionality/ Fertility: Cattle must be structurally sound and fertile and able to adapt to harsh environments.
  • Efficient Production of Kilograms: Cattle must eat less to gain more in a shorter amount of time.
  • Carcase Quality: Producers should be paid more cents per kilo on a grid for better yield, marbling and muscle.

Telpara Hills stud was first established in the Adelaide Hills in 1964 and has achieved an incredible level of performance and show successes over the years; firstly with stud prime lamb sire breeds then secondly with stud Angus cattle over the 1980s until the mid-90s.

Located in Far North Queensland on the picturesque Atherton Tablelands some 1000m above sea level and 150km south west of Cairns, Telpara Hills is currently being managed by Trevor, Maureen and Stephen Pearce who are responsible for the day to day stud management and cattle fattening operations of 1000 head on tropical pastures in a high rainfall environment.


Tenderhooks Rare (Lot Fed)

Grain Fed & Exclusive to Tenderhooks
*Dry Age up to 21 Days

“Tenderhooks  Rare” is our own beef, sourced and developed in conjunction with a boutique producer from the lush Atherton Tablelands. Livestock are individually selected for temperament and muscle form as well as being fattened on our own secret silage mix resulting in superior quality and consistent beef, being tender hung from the hip instead of Achilles hung. The beef is then dry aged for up to 21 days. Our signature beef is inspected by our chef and farmer at each stage to ensure you are receiving nothing but the very best beef. The beef is not only tender but also full flavoured, a true connoisseurs selection.

We recommend all “Tenderhooks Rare” steaks not be cooked over “medium” to ensure your dining experience.


Cabbassi Wagyu (Pure Genetic Wagyu)

600 Day Grain Fed, Pure Wagyu Genetics
*Dry Age Minimum 42 Days

The Cabassi WA5YU brand of full-blood Wagyu had the distinction of being chosen to represent the finest of Australian beef served as the main course to the G20 World Leaders Summit in Brisbane on November 14th, 2014.

A 150g fillet of their highest marbling sirloin (A5) was pan seared then oven roasted before being served to USA President Barack Obama, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as well as all of the other leaders from the G20 countries.

This accolade will long be recounted as a milestone achievement for Pete Cabassi & his Wagyu supply chain.

Pete Cabassi’s credibility & competence is based on the analyses of more than 4,000 full-blood and 40,000 cross-bred carcase & feedlot performance results, gathered since 2001.

Tenderhooks feels privileged to allow our customers to taste this amazing Wagyu, being the second restaurant in Australia to showcase & serve Pete Cabassi & Co pure Wagyu genetic, alongside the notorious Neil Perry’s restaurant “Rockpool”!

We recommend that all “Cabassi Farm” steaks be cooked “medium” to ensure maximum quality of the steak and for your ultimate dining experience.

Our Knives

Quality and Design

Our Steak Knives have been hand made by Karim Haddad from the Tharwa Valley Forge.

The high carbon steel is heated to close to 1000 degrees, before being forged into shape. Each divot in the handle is a blow from Karim’s hammer. The blades are then ground through a number of grits, until the shape and thickness of the blade is established. The Tenderhooks logo is stamped into the blade with a 6 ton press.

The blades are heated then quenched in oil to develop a hard edge and tempered in an oven to improve the toughness. A final grind brings the knife down to a fine edge. Finally the blades are etched in acid before being sharpened and tested.

Each knife is unique, having journeyed through 22 individual steps, all done by hand. Each bump, scratch and blemish tells the story of its creation. But all the conversations over dinner that these steak knives will witness over their long lives is the really interesting story.


Enjoy your Steak!

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Tenderhooks is conveniently located at Yorkeys Knob Boat Club. Enjoy lunch, dinner or drinks overlooking the beautiful Half Moon Bay Marina

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